Ottawa–Carleton Joint Algebra Seminar (Fall 2018)

The Ottawa-Carleton joint algebra seminar meets during the academic year approximately once per week, either at the University of Ottawa or at Carleton University.

Unless otherwise indicated, the seminar takes place on Wednesdays, 14:30-15:30 at the following location:

University of Ottawa:STM 201.
Carleton University:HP 4369.

The location is indicated by the letters (O) and (C) next to the date of the seminar.

For information on the seminar in past semesters, click here. To schedule a talk, please contact Hadi Salmasian.

List of Talks:

Date Speaker Title (click on titles to show/hide abstracts)
Sept. 12 (C) Emine Yildirim (Queen's University)
Sept. 19 (C) Kaveh Mousavand (UQAM)
Sept. 27 (O) Boris Kunyavski (Bar-Ilan University)
Oct. 3 (C) Amir Nasr (UNB/Carleton)
Oct. 16 (C) Adèle Bourgeois (Ottawa)
Nov. 6 (C) Owen Patashnick
Nov. 7 (O) Wan-Yu Tsai (Ottawa)
Nov. 14 (O) Michael Reeks (Ottawa)
Nov. 21 (O) Emily Cliff (UIUC)
Nov. 28 (O) Erhard Neher (Ottawa)
Dec. 5 (C) Özgür Esentepe (Toronto)
Dec. 14 (C) Nathan Grieve (Michigan State)

(O) = uOttawa, (C) = Carleton