Faculty Members

University of Ottawa

  • Walter Burgess - noncommutative rings, finite dimensional algebras, rings of continuous functions
  • Daniel Daigle - Algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, geometry of affine spaces
  • Barry Jessup - Rational homotopy, Lie algebra cohomology
  • Erhard Neher - Exceptional groups, octonions, Jordan algebras, octonions, Lie algebras
  • Monica Nevins - Representation theory of p-adic groups, cryptography
  • Michel Racine - Algebra, Jordan algebra, superalgebras, polynomial identities
  • Damien Roy - Transcendental number theory
  • Hadi Salmasian - Representation theory and its interactions with combinatorics, categories, and quantisation
  • Alistair Savage - Categorical, geometric, and combinatorial representation theory
  • Abdellah Sebbar - Number theory, quantum groups
  • Kirill Zaynullin - Linear algebraic groups, algebraic geometry, homological algebra

Carleton University

  • Yuly Billig - Lie algebras and groups, Kac-Moody algebras and their representations
  • Inna Bumagin - Geometric and combinatorial group theory
  • John Dixon - Group theory, algebra computation
  • Vlastimil Dlab - Finite dimensional algebras, representation theory
  • Colin Ingalls - Noncommutative algebra, algebraic geometry
  • Paul Mezo - Representations of algebraic groups, automorphic representations
  • Luis Ribes - Group theory

Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Allan Merino, Supervisors: Anne Broadbent, Monica Nevins, Hadi Salmasian

Graduate Students

  • Manal Al-Zahrani, Supervisor: Hadi Salmasian
  • Serine Bairakji, Supervisor: Monica Nevins
  • Khalil Besrour, Supervisor: Abdellah Sebbar
  • Mengyuan Cao, Supervisors: Monica Nevins and Hadi Salmasian
  • Michael Chitayat, Supervisor: Daniel Daigle
  • Charalambos Kioulos, Supervisor: Kirill Zaynullin
  • Brian Lin, Supervisors: Inna Bumagin and Matthias Neufang
  • Mitra Mansoori, Supervisor: Hadi Salmasian
  • Mohammadreza Mohajer, Supervisor: Abdellah Sebbar
  • Youssef Mousaaid, Supervisor: Alistair Savage
  • Alex Robertson, Supervisor: Yuly Billig
  • Cameron Ruether, Supervisor: Kirill Zaynullin
  • Philip Ryan, Supervisors: Inna Bumagin and Matthias Neufang
  • Saima Samchuck-Schnarch, Supervisor: Alistair Savage
  • Mihail Santean, Supervisor: Inna Bumagin
  • Ekta Tiwari, Supervisor: Monica Nevins
  • Zachary Welch, Supervisor: Yuly Billig
  • Andre Zaidan, Supervisor: Yuly Billig