Carleton University
School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Ottawa
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Winter 2013

TIME: Monday 14:30–15:30 (unless otherwise indicated)

LOCATION: uOttawa KED B015

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For further information please contact target="_top"> Hadi Salmasian.

Date Speaker Title (See the department seminar listing for abstracts)
January 14
January 21
January 28
February 4
February 11
February 25 Erhard Neher Invariant bilinear forms of algebras given by descent
March 4 Kirill Zaynullin Formal group laws, Hecke algebras and Oriented cohomology theories
March 11
March 18
March 25 Valentina Kiritchenko (Moscow) Demazure operators and Bott-Samelson polynomials
April 1
April 8 Gabriel Bergeron-Legros Finite dimensional representations of semisimple Lie algebras